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Authentic Italian Food

About Us

Our founder started working in the restaurant industry when he first came to the United States. He and his family opened a few restaurants in New York and then expanded their business in Philadelphia and New Jersey.

In 2010, a friend in Savannah, Georgia mentioned there weren't many mom and pop restaurants or shops in the area offering true authentic italian pizza or authenic italian dishes, and asked him to come down and take a look. Having loved the area and it's people, Gennaro decided this sunny hospital place would be perfect for him and his family. 

A few years and two pizzarias later, Gennaro wanted to open an upscale dinner Italian restaurant for the Saint Simons Island location. So he created and designed a relaxing atmosphere with an open pizza kitchen viewing the brick oven flames and wine bar. That's Italian Cucina & Pizzeria Napoletana located on Saint Simons Island, Georgia opened December 2015. 

Our Staff

A self-taught Chef, owner and Executive Chef, Gennaro Esposito has been cooking since he was 13.  With his family having been in the restaurant business for more than 40 years, he picked up his trade and learned a lot from his mother's authenic italian kitchen. Today, he loves creating new dishes. He finds by introducing new Italian food slowly people in the south will enjoy and appreciate his unique Italian dishes and true authentic Napolitana pizza more.